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The Full description of each cycle is found here. This calendar indicates the main phases of Mercury Retrograde using a color code. The Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow The Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow phase is indicated in blue and corresponds to the time during which Mercury traces the path in the sky that it will later return to as it moves backward, during the Mercury Retrograde Phase.

Often it is during this time that the conditions are set up for the Retrograde phase that follows. As Mercury slows down, just prior its retrograde motion, the contributing factors and the experiences of the cycle are strengthened, and this is indicated in the calendar by a violet color. The actual Mercury Retrograde Station, as Mercury appears to have stopped and is about to go backward is shown in red.

Near the beginning and the end of the retrograde phase, Mercury seems to slow down in the sky, and its effect tends to stronger. This is shown with a darker color.

The retrograde phase is famous for revealing the consequences of inattention to detail, wrong assumptions as well as errors in communication and transportation. Many of these are often set up in the pre-shadow phase.

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The actual moment when Mercury appears to be stationary and is about to move forwards is the Mercury Direct Station. This is shown in dark brown. As Mercury is still moving slowly before it speeds up the effect tends to be stronger, indicated with a darker shade of brown. Mercury is now moving forward, and this phase refers to the time during which Mercury is retracing the path in the sky where it had formerly moved backward during the retrograde period.


Often, the Mercury Retrograde Post-Shadow can reveal the errors in communication and travel that may have occurred during the pre-shadow and retrograde phases. Mercury Retrograde at the Personal Level. One way of looking at Mercury Retrograde is that it reveals the shadow or disowned component in our awareness, communication, and interaction with others and with the world around us. Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo.

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With Gemini, Mercury expresses the way that we reach out into our neighborhood, interact and discriminate. The shadow of Gemini is Sagittarius. When Mercury is retrograde, it often expresses the negative or disowned nature of Sagittarius. Newest Slideshows. Newsletters Never miss a beat Sign Up Now Subscribe now to get the latest news delivered right to your inbox. Made in Michigan. Marijuana for Dummies.

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